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Synovetin OA

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Synovetin OA

Synovetin OA

Animal Medical Center of Corona is proud to be one of only three facilities in the greater LA area that is licensed to dispense Synovetin OA, a once-yearly treatment for the treatment of canine arthritis.

This revolutionary new treatment for canine osteoarthritis pain is a simple, once-a-year injection administered directly in the affected joint. That’s right—once a year.

Synovetin OA is not a drug—it’s a veterinary device that uses novel conversion electron therapy to target macrophages and synoviocytes in the injected joint. This breaks the cycle of inflammation and pain, dramatically improving mobility and providing long-lasting relief.

The active agent of Synovetin OA is Tin-117m, a unique conversion electron therapeutic veterinary device. This process selectively targets the pro-inflammatory macrophages in the joint and has no systemic or local side effects.

For a more detailed look at how Synovetin OA works, please watch this video:

But don’t just take our word for it! Visit www.activedognow.com for a host of resources and information about canine OA and how Synovetin can help. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, information about rebates and insurance, incredible success stories from pet owners and veterinarians around the country, and more. We think you’ll be as excited as we are about this incredible new treatment!
If you have a dog who suffers from osteoarthritis pain, this could be the breakthrough that allows for more days spent at play with your best friend. We’re incredibly excited about this exciting new treatment and are thrilled to be able to provide it to our patients. Call (951) 493-6771 today to schedule a Synovetin OA consult for your dog!