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NOTICE: Newcastle Disease Update MANDATORY QUARANTINE! Important information for ALL bird owners.

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Resources for Dogs

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Resources for Dogs

Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety tips for pets Read more

Otits Externa, Ear Infections In Your Dog

Your dog’s head shaking or ear scratching could be something more serious than mild discomfort. It could be otitis externa, a painful condition which can spread to the middle ear… Read more

Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) Facts, Maps, etc.

Please click on the links below for information about Canine Influenza Virus – CIV.  This disease is becoming more common and wide spread.  Like influenza in humans, there are vaccines… Read more

Canine Ear Disease, What Your Vet Should Ask YOU!

Ear problem in dogs handout what to ask Read more

Signs of Anxiety and Fear

Signs_of_anxiety_fear_K9_Feline Read more

Does My Dog Have OCD?

Does My Dog Have OCD Read more

Grain Free Diets – Facts vs. Fiction

There are all kinds of opinions about pet food ingredients, and most of them are unfounded personal opinion and/or hype from the pet food manufacturers playing on our fears. Wouldn’t… Read more

Four Must Haves for Every Dog and Cat Household

What four things does every household need for their dogs and cats?  Click on the link below and check it out! Four must haves for dogs and cats Read more

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