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Dental Services

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Dental Services

Dental Services

Anesthetic Dental Services

We are committed to providing the best oral and dental care possible for your pets. Our full anesthetic dental procedures include a dedicated nurse to monitor anesthesia, oxygen, and carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure and more. An oral CT scan and/or digital dental radiography is performed on every patient before the procedure, as well as after if any extractions were done. If we can save a tooth from being extracted, we will perform other periodontal services, such as root planning and curettage, as well as bonded dental seals for minor chips and fractures not involving the pulp cavity. Note that we do not perform root canals, and instead refer these services to a veterinary dental specialist.

Warning Signs of Dental Disease

  • Bad breath
  • Plaque build-up: sticky yellow, brown or black deposits on teeth
  • Inflammation of the gums: look for red, swollen, bleeding and/or painful gums
  • Tartar formation: plaque calcifies around the gum-line contributing to tooth decay and possible bone loss
  • Drooling, dropping of food, difficulty eating, loss of appetite, rubbing of the face and fractured or loose teeth

If your pet is showing any of these symptoms or signs of dental disease, you can schedule an appointment online or call us at 951-493-6771.