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NOTICE: Newcastle Disease Update MANDATORY QUARANTINE! Important information for ALL bird owners.

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Resources for Cats

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Resources for Cats

Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety tips for pets Read more

Signs of Anxiety and Fear

Signs_of_anxiety_fear_K9_Feline Read more

Less Stress For Your Cat’s Vet Visit

Here are some tips to make your cat’s vet visit less stressful.  It is important to minimize stress as it can make an ill cat worse or just plain ruin… Read more

Feline Pain Management

No one wants their pets in pain but we must be careful what we give them.  This is especially true for our feline friends.  Here is some info on NSAID… Read more

Grain Free Diets – Facts vs. Fiction

There are all kinds of opinions out there about pet food ingredients, and most of them are unfounded personal opinion and/or hype from the pet food manufacturers playing on our… Read more

5 Signs of Dental Pain

It’s amazing how well our pets can hide pain and problems from us. The worst thing we as owners and caregivers can do is to think that our pets will… Read more

Cat Owner Questionnaire

Does your cat make accidents around the house? Take this cat owner questionnaire to help us help you fix this stinky issue. Read more

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