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Kezziah H., Veterinary Assistant

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Kezziah H., Veterinary Assistant

Kezziah H., Veterinary Assistant

Kezziah has been a part of the AMC family since July 2022. She’s always had a big passion for animals her whole life, while also having goals of making a big impact on the world. Kezziah is currently studying Zoology at Cerritos College in hopes to be a zoologist and exotic veterinarian in the future and be an advocate for climate change and endangered species. She has a big fur family of two pit bulls, two rabbits, one cat, and a corn snake. Of course, she hopes to keep adding to the collection. Kezziah also works on weekends doing children’s birthday parties and bringing along a petting zoo and ponies giving her extra knowledge beyond the animals we see at AMC. She is a fun, kind, and bubbly person whom you will always find a smile on her face.