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NOTICE: Newcastle Disease Update MANDATORY QUARANTINE! Important information for ALL bird owners.

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Pet Ownership Costs Guide

How much might your pet cost you in their lifetime? Well, although many things are unpredictable, here is a link to a website that has put quite a few statistics… Read more

Making Your Home Pet Safe

New Pet? New Home? Why not keep them as safe as possible as well as help prevent costly repairs?  While this is not an endorsement of ADT Security, here is some… Read more

Backyard Wildlife-Proofing

Many of us have all kinds of wildlife in our neighborhoods. In our local area, well over 50% of our community has coyotes and just about 100% with raccoons, opossums and… Read more

Pet Health Client Education Material

LifeLearn Client Education Library – browse the library, enter a search word for area of interest and enjoy! You can pick a particular species and view all the articles OR… Read more

Top 10 Human Meds Poisonous to Pets

Keep your pet safe! Make sure you know what medications could be lethal to your pet by reading through this handout. Read more

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