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Is your pet ready for fireworks?

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Is your pet ready for fireworks?

Hello Friends of AMC!

It’s that time again! Fourth of July Week! If your pet needs sedatives for the upcoming 4th, plan ahead! As well as the classic sedative, acepromazine, we also have other, less potent anti-anxiety medications. One thing of interest is that there are some current studies that show acepromazine does not stop the emotional anxiety very well, just the physical response. The Zoetis product, Sileo Oromucosal Gel, an anti-anxiety medication given orally on the gums prior to the show(s). It has minimal to no sedative effect. Playing music also helps drown out the noise and it has been shown that calm classical music is the best (The William Tell Overture is probably not the song to play!)

Give us a call if you have any questions or need medication (for your pet, you are on your own for yours!). 951-493-6771 or email us at customer.contact@amccorona.com. You can also place a request via our website, amccorona.com. AND NOW YOU CAN TEXT US ANY TIME VIA THE HOSPITAL NUMBER, 951-493- 6771!!!!

Eastvale’s fireworks are June 26th and Corona’s July 4th.  Plus many other cities are having celebrations this year. There will of course also be lots of personal fireworks over this two-week-long period and possibly longer. Don’t leave your pets hangin’!

Have a safe, sane, and Happy Fourth of July. God Bless America!


Dr. Bart, Dr. Dominguez, Dr. Code and the Awesome Staff of AMC of Corona!