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Imagine This: How We Can Put HDVI to Work for Your Clients & Patients!

Over the years, many local vets have referred exotic animal cases to us and for that we are truly grateful. We’re excited to announce that our ability to serve our local pet population just got even better, thanks to the addition of the Epica Vimago HDVI – or High-Definition Volumetric Imaging – system to our facility.

Not only does this unit perform routine CT scans with exceptional detail – resolution as small as 0.09 millimeters, roughly the thickness of a human hair – but it also provides complete and extensive 3D reconstructions at a higher resolution than any scanner. And it allows us to conduct fluoroscopy, a form of imaging technology perfect for tracheal and esophageal pathology.

Should you refer a client or patient to our clinic for a scan, you need not worry about losing their business. This is a referral-based service. The results of the scan, read by Peregrine Radiology, will be emailed directly to you, not the client. Studies can also be placed on a thumb drive for your convenience. We will have your client sign a contract stipulating that they will not be eligible for our services for any of their pets for the six months following the scan. This way, we have the chance to provide your client with exceptional care while ensuring that you get to keep your client. The only time there will be interaction between any of our DVMs and your client will be if the situation requires immediate intervention. You will, of course, be contacted should any emergency arise.

The client will be responsible for paying us but will need to come back to you for the results, unless you specify otherwise. And, since we are able to provide these services at more economic rates than many specialty practices, your clients will get answers to their questions about their pet’s health without going broke.

We also have full abdominal ultrasound and echocardiogram services available. Ultrasound/echo are read by Oncura. Please provide bloodwork results and radiographs, as well as EKG and blood pressure measurements for echocardiogram cases. Echos can be read as stand-alone or as part of a complete cardiology workup. Like the bloodwork, we recommend doing as much as possible at your facility so you can keep that income.

Our goal is to support the local veterinary community by enhancing the services you can offer your loyal clients. A price list is below. To refer a client or patient to us, please fill out the provided form. Thanks so much. We look forward to working with you very soon!

HDVI and Fluoroscopy fees
Please note: These fees apply only for referrals from other veterinarians. Please continue reading if you are a referring clinic/veterinarian. If you are a pet owner, please have your veterinarian fill out the below submission form.

Fluoroscopy $540-$605
   (Angiography with sedation or IVC/anesthesia is an extra $170-$185)
HDVI scan of (small) exotics < 2.5 kg $410-$610
HDVI scan exotics 2.5-5 kg $470-$730
K9/Feline/Rabbit studies
HDVI scan skull (brain, tympanic bulla, sinuses) $920-$950
HDVI cervical/neck $820-$895
HDVI lumbar spine $820-$1235
HDVI joints (hips, stifles, shoulders, etc., all bilateral) $820-$895
HDVI thorax $820-$930
HDVI abdomen $820-$930
HDVI whole body met check < 50 pounds $1250
HDVI whole body met check > 50 pounds $1600

The above prices are guidelines. They include Peregrine Radiology’s telemedicine consultation fee, as well as IV catheter, sedation or anesthesia, scan, and ward care. These prices do not include pre-anesthetic blood work*, which is required by us to anesthetize your patient. Blood work must be done within the last 30 days and AMC Corona must receive the blood work records from the referring veterinarian. If you prefer, AMC Corona is able to run blood work in-house to ensure minimal to no delay of the procedure. These guidelines also do not include pricing for additional imaging, such as radiographs and/or ultrasounds, as that is for the referring veterinarian (you) to obtain and supply your patient. If necessary, you may request for AMC Corona to obtain additional imaging for your patient.

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