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A Letter from Dr. Bart and the AMC Corona Team

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A Letter from Dr. Bart and the AMC Corona Team

Hello friends of AMC Corona, 
First, I would like to thank you for your support and understanding during this incredibly difficult and stressful time. As you know, as essential workers, we have been open throughout the pandemic. You have been patient as we struggled through heavy regulation, limited staff, long hours and constantly changing infectious disease policies.

Our biggest single challenge has been how to continue operating as a fully functional hospital while protecting the health of both our team and our community. We believe our mission of taking care of your pets is a critically important one and so we aim for the highest level of patient care and customer service, even in these times of crisis. Our team and others across the country are working through the most stressful months of our careers because we chose to be here through COVID-19 to provide care to our patients.

We hear your frustration at some of the things that have changed, like not being able to come into the building, difficulty reaching us by phone (our call volume has almost doubled), and not being able to get the appointment day or time that you want. But the decisions we make are for your safety as well as ours. We are a team of dedicated people who love your pet almost as much as you do. We have team members who are at higher risk for COVID or live with people at higher risk. We cannot help pets if we get sick. We cannot help pets if we must stay home to care for a loved one who is sick. So, we follow the recommendations from the CDC, from the AVMA and from our local health department.  

Second, I would like to thank our amazing staff for their incredible efforts on behalf of their patients. They too feel the day-to-day stress of living and working during a pandemic. Yet they continue to work long shifts to care for sick pets with compassion and professionalism while putting themselves at risk. Every person comes to work every day to do what they love – to help improve the life of your pet and hope to help improve your life as well by helping keep your pet healthy. And they do it wearing hot, uncomfortable personal protective gear and masks, all day, every day.

In spite of this, we have been yelled at, bullied, and treated rudely. We understand that these are stressful times, but not only is it inappropriate to take it out on us, it is immature and will not be tolerated. We expect every member of our team to be treated with the kindness and respect they deserve, whether they be a receptionist, assistant, technician or veterinarian. It is unacceptable to be rude to our receptionists and be nice to the doctor. Please remember this when you call our office or interact with our staff. 

We are committed to you and the well-being of your pets. We ask that you continue to partner with us as kindly and compassionately as possible to meet that commitment.
Thank you for understanding that we are all truly in this together.

Dr. Bart and the entire AMC Team