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Grain Free Diets – Facts vs. Fiction

There are all kinds of opinions out there about pet food ingredients and most of them are unfounded personal opinion and/or hype from the pet food manufacturers playing on our fears.  Now, do you want your education and information coming from an uneducated clerk that barely finished high school (sorry if that offends anyone), your next door neighbor, or an animal nutrition expert?  Personally, if I wanted to learn to play tennis, I wouldn’t ask a veterinarian to teach me, I would ask a tennis pro (unless they happen to be one and the same!)   Educate yourself, learn about ingredients – good, bad or indifferent.   Here is some info on Grain Free Diets and how they are NOT a good thing!!!

(this article was intended for educating veterinary staff and it has been taught to our staff)

Grain-Free Pet Foods_Fact vs Fiction