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Boom and bust for ancient sea dragons

Posted February 13, 2020

Scientists show a well-known group of extinct marine reptiles had an early burst in their diversity and evolution - but that a failure to adapt in the long-run may have led to their extinction.

Role of the largest of all animal brain cells: Very tough and essential for survival


The brains of most fish and amphibian species contain a pair of conspicuously large nerve cells. These are the largest cells found in any animal brain. Biologists have now shown that these Mauthner cells have unique functions essential for survival, the loss of which cannot be compensated for by other nerve cells. In addition, they have discovered that Mauthner cells remain functional for a long time without their cell bodies.

Herd immunity: Disease transmission from wildlife to livestock


Scientists provide guidelines for minimizing the risk of spreading disease between elk and cattle in Southern Alberta.