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Susie J., Director of Medical Services

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Susie J., Director of Medical Services

Susie J., Director of Medical Services

Susie is our Director of Medical Services; she has been working with AMC since October of 2014. As a child, she was named “Ace” by her family because she loved to bring home stray and hurt animals just to nurse them back to health. This led Susie to begin volunteering at the young age of thirteen at a local vet clinic. She was at the same clinic at the age of fifteen. Susie has been a Veterinary Technician for 16 years now. Her love of animals does not stop at work, she owns a tri-pod Pitbull named Nemo and a crazy-haired Terrier named Harley, two cats, and of course a collection of Reptiles. Susie has a passion for helping our clients and ensuring the patients go home safe and healthy to their beloved families by providing the best medical care possible here at Animal Medical Center of Corona.