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Prizcilla A., Front Office Manager

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Prizcilla A., Front Office Manager

Prizcilla A., Front Office Manager

Prizcilla joined the Animal Medical Center of Corona in August of 2015. As a little girl, Prizcilla found a passion for taking care of animals, she would find ferals and strays, take them home, clean them up and take care of them, she believes Dogs and cats are so therapeutic. She always dreamed of one day starting a career in the animal medical field. Since 2012, Prizcilla has excelled as not only a receptionist but as a friend and familiar face to many families in the veterinary field. When Prizcilla is not at AMC, she is at home with her four beautiful children, Fiancé, 3 corgis, 2 King Charles Cavaliers, 1 Pomeranian and a Cat. She loves baking, photographing her family, and bike riding with her family.