NOTICE: Newcastle Disease Update MANDATORY QUARANTINE! Important information for ALL bird owners.

Pet Wellness Services

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is essential, we understand that and work with owners and new clients to establish the current health of your pets and monitor that status as you bring them through for a checkup or treatment.

Our assessment covers quite a range of areas, some of which include:

  • Oral examinations which include dental evaluations for your dog, cat, bird or reptiles teeth and throat
  • Checking the vision of your pet including an eye examination
  • Examinations of the ears for infections, allergies, ear mites and other conditions
  • Checking the respiratory system for lung health
  • Checking for any changes in your pet’s weight, appetite, urination and bowel patterns
  • Checking the activity of your pet
  • Running lab panels to check for lyme or heartworm disease
  • Talking over prevention methods and techniques for your pets health
  • Running stool checks for signs of any parasites or worms
  • Treatment tips for your pet including giving your pet their medication if applicable
  • Checking for behavioral changes in your pet to monitor health issues since their last visit
  • Inquiring with the pet owner about concerns or issues they have about their pet
  • Checking heart health for your pets
  • Testing pet reflexes and response
  • Testing the lymph nodes and abdomen 
  • Checking skin and fur for any health issues
  • Checking joints and muscles for any orthopedic concerns to address movement issues