NOTICE: Newcastle Disease Update MANDATORY QUARANTINE! Important information for ALL bird owners.

Resources for Birds

Pet Care by Species/Group Avian First Aid-AAV African Greys-AAV Amazons-AAV Budgies-AAV Canaries-AAV Cockatiel-AAV Cockatoos AAV Conure-AAV Eclectus Parrots-AAV Finches-AAV Lories & Lorikeets-AAV Lovebirds-AAV Macaws-AAV Quakers-AAV General Educational Handouts Selecting Digital Scales Psittacosis – Chlamydiosis Veterinary Care for Your Pet Bird Basic Care For Birds Behavior – Normal or Abnormal? Feather Loss – Causes and Treatments […]

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Need some tips on taking care of your new parrot or better care of your current parrot? Here is some information to keep your psittacine (parrot or hook bill type birds) healthy.  Many things are covered here but the nutrition section is the most important.  Lack of a proper, balanced, nutritionally sound diet is the […]

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