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Pet Health Insurance

If you are interested in Pet Health Insurance, please click on the 20 question link and have that handy during your research.  Not all pet insurance plans are the same!!

20 Questions You Should Ask About Pet Health Insurance


Trupanion Pet Insurance
Site: click here ,  pets can receive immediate coverage with an exam and no enrollment fee.
Phone: 1-855-828-1419

AKC Pet Insurance
click here
Phone:  1-866-774-1113

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Site: click here
Phone: 1-866-230-4259

Embrace Pet Insurance
Site: click here
Phone: 1-800-226-1308

Petplan Pet Insurance
Site: click here
Phone: 1-866-467-3875

Pets Best Pet Health insurance
 click here to receive a 5% discount off your pet insurance
Phone: 1-866-609-PETS (1-866-609-7387)

Nationwide Pet Insurance (formerly VPI Pet Insurance)
Site: click here
Phone: 1-866-Vet-Pets (1-866-838-7387)