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Labor Day Tips

Posted August 28, 2014

Keep Pets Safe This Labor Day Weekend

Summer days are winding down and we’re beginning the Labor Day weekend. This is the weekend when most people close out summer by having cook-outs. Even though many areas may no longer be seeing the hottest summer weather anymore, this holiday weekend can pose some risks for pets. So as you prepare for company, cooking out, fireworks or pool fun, pay attention to these safety reminders:Fotolia 44146460 XS Keep Pets Safe This Labor Day Weekend

Make sure your indoor cat doesn’t escape outside if you’re entertaining and company will be moving back and forth between indoors and outdoors.

Make sure your pet doesn’t go near the hot grill. Keep grill lid closed when you aren’t there to supervise.

Many of our foods are too rich (and some are extremely dangerous) for our pets so if you have a food-stealing pet, make sure dishes are kept out of reach.Griff 590×789 Keep Pets Safe This Labor Day Weekend

Even seemingly innocent foods such as grapes or raisins are dangerous so pick up anything that falls to the ground.

Instruct guests not to feed tablescraps to your pet.

Watch how visiting children interact with your pet. If she isn’t used to children, put her in a separate room.

If your pet is stressed by company, keep her in a separate room and instruct your guests not to go in there.

Some people set off fireworks during Labor Day so make sure your pet is away from any fireworks danger.iStock 000009970499XSmall Keep Pets Safe This Labor Day Weekend

If you have an indoor cat who is a counter cruiser, make sure all food left on the counter is covered. For a dog, make sure food isn’t close to the edge of the counter where she could reach up and pull something down on herself.

Outdoor pets need access to shade and fresh water.catsweb3 006 Keep Pets Safe This Labor Day Weekend

All outdoor pets needflea/tickprotection.

Be aware of your pet’s safety if you go in the pool. Make sure any pool gates are closed or ladders are removed when you aren’t near the pool.

If guests ask to bring their owndog to your house, be aware of your own pet’s comfort level. For a cat, it will probably be very stressful to have an unfamiliar dog in the home. If you have a dog, make sure she is comfortable around other dogs. Always supervise.catsweb2 014 Keep Pets Safe This Labor Day Weekend

With company coming and going, make sure any gates, garage doors and front doors are kept closed to prevent escapes from the property.

All pets should have ID and are hopefullymicrochipped as well.

Keep alcoholic beverages out of your pet’s reach. It’s NOT cute or funny to offer beer to your dog or cat.

Be aware of your pet’s comfort level in terms of the temperature. If you’re too hot, then there’s a good chance your pet is too hot.

Need More Information?

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