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Human Pain Cream killing cats

Posted April 25, 2015

Hello Everyone, Sorry to keep emailing but I came across this today and thought it important.  Many of us use various creams and lotions on our skin.  Some for dry skin, some are medicated.  These can get on our pets. We recently had a case of a spayed female dog coming into heat. It turned out her owner was using estrogen cream on herself.  When she loved and hugged her furry friend, it would get minute amounts on the dog. Dogs readily absorb this through their skin and it brought the dog in to heat.  Prolonged exposure could also lead to bone marrow suppression.  Here is an example of a safe skin cream for humans causing the death in three cats.  As the article states, the creams were not applied to the pet but through TLC, the cats were exposed.  Who knows how many pets have gotten sick this way and the exact cause never found.  Now that I have passed along this scary news, hope you have a great weekend!

Take care and God Bless,

Dr. Bart and the Staff of AMC

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