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Home Made Diets and Update on the 91/E. Grand Bridge

Posted October 18, 2015

Hello Friends of AMC!

Hope your weekend has been a great one.  The bridge collapse at the 91/E. Grand under pass has re-opened.  It was initially going to be closed for a month but RCTC was able to get it safely back “on-line” and it opened this past Monday.  Please keep the injured workers in you thoughts and prayers that they may have a full recovery.  Now, here’s a little something about home made diets for pets.  If you feed home made diets or are thinking about it, please read this excellent article about it.  

Take care and God Bless


Dr. Bart, Dr. Chu and the Staff of AMC



Some pet parents love cooking home-made meals for their pets…

If you’re one of them, make sure you read this to make sure you’re feeding your pet correctly!

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