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Curbside Service

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Curbside Service

What to Expect for Your Curbside Appointment

Please be assured we have put great thought and effort into keeping our curbside service running as smooth as possible, but we have also experienced an extreme increase in calls and appointment requests. Our staff is working harder than ever to assist every client and patient to the best of our abilities. We expect kindness, patience and understanding in return. Thank you for your trust and support during the current (COVID) situation.

  1. For your safety and ours, only pets and office staff are allowed in the building. Please text or call to communicate with our team.
  2. Call our office, (951) 493-6771, to check-in. Please be aware that our call volume has more than doubled. When our client service representative answers the phone, inform them you are calling to check-in for your appointment.
  3. Please inform our customer service representative of the parking spot number and type of vehicle you are in.
  4. A room nurse or technician will meet you outside to retrieve your pet.
    • While you wait, we ask that you park at the Park and Ride up the street (drive west on E. Grand (right turn out of our parking), Park and Ride is on the left side of the street across from the Metro Link Station.)  We will call you when your pet is ready to pick up.
    • Out of respect for our neighboring businesses, DO NOT PARK in the other business’s parking spots within the center.
    • Do not leave the area. You will be called to pick up your pet as soon as they are ready to go.
  6. Wait times will be longer than normal. Please come prepared with a book, tablet, snacks, water, phone charger etc. We recommend not using your phone as you may miss an important call from our office which will extend your wait.
  7. Before starting your patient’s treatment/exam, a room nurse will call you to go over any history of the pet and ask for any concerns you may have. Please keep your phone line open.
  8. To avoid some pets getting too warm in the vehicle, place a frozen bottle of water in their crates with a thin towel. This will help keep them cool during a stressful time.
  9. Have required paperwork filled out prior to your arrival. New Client Registration Forms can be found online at
  10. We will be processing all payments over the phone. To ensure a timely checkout, we will ask for payment information upon check-in. Your card will not be charged until all charges have been discussed and approved by you.
  11. Please wear mask when we approach your vehicle.
  12. All pets MUST be in a carrier or on a leash. We will not reach inside of your vehicle to take your pet out. Pets will be fearful of a stranger reaching in, especially those with a mask on. Please step out of your vehicle with your pet and transfer it to the technician or room nurse. Do not pass your pet through the car window as this can be dangerous for all involved. Do not just open the door for your pet to run out.
  13. The doctor will examine your pet, then call you to go over the results of the exam. Please make sure your phone line stays open, so you do not miss our call. If any treatment is needed, the doctor or room nurse will go over a medical treatment plan with you on the phone, which includes costs for services.
  14. Once your pet’s visit is complete, our front desk will go over the final charges, and charge you out over the phone and ask you to return to our parking lot. At this time, please let the receptionist know the make and color of your car.  A team member will then return your pet to your vehicle.

We thank you for your understanding and patience. Our call times have doubled due to curbside service, and our staff has been working extremely hard. We appreciate you entrusting us with your pet’s care but we do ask that you please be courteous and polite, our team is doing our very best with the current (COVID) situation, and all our patients are equally important – AMC Corona

Download the Curbside Service PDF Here