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Ashtyn F., Client Service Representative

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Ashtyn F., Client Service Representative

Ashtyn F., Client Service Representative

Ashtyn joined the AMC Family in August of 2020. She has always had a passion for animals of all kinds, but especially loves big fluffy dogs! After spontaneously moving to Maui, Hawaii, she began working at a veterinary clinic on the island and knew right away that’s what she wanted to do! When she moved back to California, she started searching for a hospital with a family atmosphere where she could work towards her goals, while following her passion of being around animals, so she felt right at home when she found AMC Corona! Ashtyn has been in the customer service field for seven years, and has been operating her own doggy daycare business for even longer! Ashtyn is an avid traveler and adventure enthusiast! She loves to be the life of the party, as long as it’s a party where all of the guests are dogs! She loves working out, boating, shooting, yoga, hiking, and most of all, spending time with her Golden Retriever Koa!