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2015 Year in Review from AMC of Corona

Posted January 6, 2016

Hello Friends of AMC
2015 was quite the year at AMC, we moved into our new facility on February 2nd and hit the ground running. Our new facility is 4600 sq feet vs. the 2000 sq feet we had before.  More elbow room, great for everyone!   hanks to  all of you entrusting your beloved furry, feathered and or scaly family members to our care, we have been able to expand  and improve our services.  I just wanted to recap all that has changed and update everyone on what we offer!

New Radiology Services –
1. We upgraded our digital radiology (X-ray) equipment from CR to DR.  What this means to you is better quality X-rays for a clearer diagnosis that are obtained in seconds vs. minutes.  This limits stress to you pet while giving quality results. With this new system we can also forward studies to boarded radiologists for rapid second opinions when needed.
2.  We have added digital dental radiology so your pets dental issues can be better diagnosed, infected tooth roots identified and/or any other oral issues that we can’t see otherwise.

Additional In House Blood Testing –
We’ve added an additional, new chemistry machine which is quicker and more diverse than our previous.  We still use the previous machine so when we have multiple samples to run, we can obtain results on a more timely basis.  These rapidly obtained results provide you and your pet with quicker, reliable answers for better and more rapid decision making.

New Pain Management Options!! –
1.  Acupuncture (see our website –
2.  Cold Laser Therapy (see our website –

Both of these modalities are non-invasive and offer drug free pain management.  They can be used instead of or in addition to current medications.  While acupuncture is more for chronic pain and conditions, laser is for acute or chronic situations. Used post operative patient’s pain is better managed whether a lacerations repair to major orthopedic surgery.  Hot spots, ear infections, anal gland abscess and other painful conditions respond quickly,many time within minutes allowing faster resolution to your pet’s discomfort.

Medical Boarding and Exotic Pet Boarding –
Now that we have more space, cages and runs we can offer limited boarding.  We do reserve this for pets on medication or exotic pets that may otherwise be difficult to board.  Also, emergency situations where you may need to board on short notice or even for the day (house getting tented for termites?).  Always call in advance to check availability.

Bright, Cheerful, Friendly and Helpful Staff –
Making your visit as pleasant as possible has always been a goal of mine.  As many you may have seen, our staff has grown a lot!  Taking care of you and your pet’s needs is number one at AMC.  If you every have any concerns, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Your concerns are ours as well.  You may ask for me (Dr. Bart) or our practice manage, April.  You can call or email any time.  If you want to keep it confidential, state that in your email or via phone.  Please give enough detail for the staff to retrieve your file for either of us.  Any positive comments are always welcome!! We love to hear great news and compliments.

Well, that’s enough for now, We all hope that 2016 is a great and wonderful year for all of you and your family.  Take care and God Bless.


Dr. Bart, Dr.Chu and the Staff of AMC

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