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Climate change does not bode well for picky eaters

Posted January 20, 2015

In a part of the world that is experiencing the most dramatic increase in temperature and climate change, two very similar species of animals are responding very differently. New research suggests that how these species have adapted to co-exist with one another might be to blame.

Study advances knowledge of relatively unknown blood-borne bacteria


Hemoplasmas are a group of blood borne bacteria found in a wide range of mammals, including domestic and wild cats, and can cause severe anemia. The findings of a new study have significantly advanced researchers' knowledge of immunity for these pathogens.

Dog-human cooperation is based on social skills of wolves


Dogs are 'man's best friend.' The origins of this dog-human relationship were subject of a study by behavioral scientists. They showed that the ancestors of dogs, the wolves, are at least as attentive to members of their species and to humans as dogs are. This social skill did not emerge during domestication, as has been suggested previously, but was already present in wolves.