Hydropower in Cambodia could threaten food security of region

Posted May 31, 2018

Farmers and anglers in Cambodia depend on the Mekong River's predictable seasonal patterns, but new dams for hydroelectricity are altering the hydrology of the river. These changes have the potential to threaten fish migration, livelihoods, and regional food security.

Getting conservationists and fishers on the same page


Historically, fisheries and the conservation community have struggled to find common ground. Now, a new online tool provides daily computer-generated maps to help fishers target productive fishing spots while alerting them to areas likely to harbor protected species.

Ocean-migrating trout adapt to freshwater environment in 120 years


Steelhead trout, a member of the salmon family that live and grow in the Pacific Ocean, genetically adapted to the freshwater environment of Lake Michigan in less than 120 years.