Using rooster testes to learn how the body fights viruses

Posted April 27, 2017

Our bodies are constantly under siege by foreign invaders; viruses, bacteria and parasites that want to infiltrate our cells. Using rooster testes, scientists shed light on how germ cells -- sperm and egg -- protect themselves from viruses so that they can pass accurate genetic information to the next generation. The findings could help researchers better fight viruses in chickens and in people.

Ocean warming to cancel increased carbon dioxide-driven productivity


Researchers have constructed a marine food web to show how climate change could affect our future fish supplies and marine biodiversity.

Genes that help trout find their way home

Posted April 26, 2017

In the spring when water temperatures start to rise, rainbow trout that have spent several years at sea traveling hundreds of miles from home manage, without maps or GPS, to find their way back to the rivers and streams where they were born for spawning. Researchers have identified genes that enable the fish to perform this extraordinary homing feat with help from Earth's magnetic field.