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First test of oral rabies vaccine brings hope to the world’s rarest canid

Posted August 31, 2016

A new study reports on field trials of the oral vaccine SAG2 in Ethiopian wolves, Africa's most threatened carnivore and the world's rarest canid. The trials are the first ever conducted in wild populations of an endangered carnivore.

Bird bugs shed new light on malaria infection


A study into bird malaria could provide important clues about the causes of parasite co-infections in animals, including people, report investigators. They found that not only the bird's habitat but also the interactions between parasites can impact a bird's risk of malaria infection.

Which snowy owls thrive in Saskatchewan’s winters?


Snowy owls capture the imagination, but ornithologists know surprisingly little about how these birds of the far north fare during the harsh winters they endure. The researchers behind a new study trapped and tracked Snowy Owls wintering in Canada and found that while age and sex affect the birds' condition, most do fairly well, showing few signs of starvation and some even putting on weight over the winter months.