Brook trout study identifies top climate change pressure factor

Posted November 30, 2015

Results of a 15-year study of factors affecting populations of Eastern brook trout with climate change show high summer air temperatures have a large influence, in particular on the smallest fry and eggs, which are most important to wild trout abundance in streams. Findings are expected to help nonprofit watershed conservation groups and state and federal wildlife managers identify, prioritize and protect habitat at sites most likely to have fish in the future.

A fine kettle of fish: Marine fish influenced by food supply upon which they depend and on competition for those resources


Marine fish are influenced by the food supply upon which they depend and competition for those resources, researchers have determined.

Levels of mercury in dolphins linked to exposure in humans, groundbreaking study finds


What do mercury levels in dolphins say about mercury levels in humans? Quite a bit, according to a new study that sheds light on the potential dangers of consuming locally caught seafood. This is the first time that researchers have closed the loop between marine mammal and human health, by taking findings from their research and applying them to explore the potential risks facing humans living in the same region.