Listening for whales and fish in the Northwest Atlantic ocean

Posted April 30, 2015

Scientists are using a variety of buoys and autonomous underwater vehicles to record and archive sounds from marine mammals and fish species in the western North Atlantic through a new listening network known as the US Northeast Passive Acoustic Sensing Network (NEPAN). Researchers hope NEPAN will be the first link in an extensive listening network that would extend along the entire US East Coast, and eventually to waters around the US.

Tropical marine ecosystems most at threat from human impact


An international team of scientists has used the fossil record during the past 23 million years to predict which marine animals and ecosystems are at greatest risk of extinction from human impact. The researchers found those animals and ecosystems most threatened are predominantly in the tropics.

Sustainability progress should precede seafood market access, researchers urge


Fishery improvement projects -- programs designed to fast-track access to the world seafood market in exchange for promises to upgrade sustainable practices -- need to first make good on those sustainability pledges before retailers and fisheries actually do business, researchers recommend. The findings are particularly important as major retailers rush to meet the growing demand for seafood by tapping fisheries of developing countries that haven't yet achieved sustainable certification.