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Biodiversity in the Mediterranean is threatened by alien species

Posted September 30, 2014

Humans have introduced nearly a thousand species from other seas into the Mediterranean with very serious impact on its unique flora and fauna, finds a new study.

How dinosaur arms turned into bird wings


Although we now appreciate that birds evolved from a branch of the dinosaur family tree, a crucial adaptation for flight has continued to puzzle evolutionary biologists. During the millions of years that elapsed, wrists went from straight to bent and hyperflexible, allowing birds to fold their wings neatly against their bodies when not flying. A resolution to this impasse is now provided by an exciting new study.

In stickleback fish, dads influence offspring behavior and gene expression


Some stickleback fish fathers can have long-term effects on the behavior of their offspring, researchers report. The most attentive fish dads cause their offspring to behave in a way that makes them less susceptible to predators. These behavioral changes are accompanied by changes in gene expression, the researchers report.